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Pharma Stock One's $7 billion cash dividend is amazing!

06. 13 , 2024


In December 2023, the Securities and Futures Commission issued the "Supervisory Guidelines for Listed Companies No. 3 - Cash Dividends for Listed Companies"; in April this year, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Strengthening Supervision and Preventing Risks and Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Capital Markets", which explicitly strengthens the supervision of listed companies in terms of cash dividend distribution; and the subsequent revision by Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchanges and Clearing House (SSE) of the main board and the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM), KIC "stock listing rules" on the dividend provisions of the amendment, the introduction of cash dividends do not meet the standards of the implementation of other risk warning (ST) measures ...... in recent years in the regulatory authorities to guide and promote the policy, the listed companies to pay dividends in large sums, many times dividends frequently, part of the "iron rooster "The company also launched a dividend programme.

Data show that in 2023, the Shanghai main board companies cash dividend scale to a new high, a total of 1,290 companies declared a dividend programme, the annual cumulative dividends totaled 1.70 trillion yuan, the average dividend ratio of 40.22%; about 70% of the science and technology innovation board companies launched the 2023 annual cash dividend programme, the annual total cumulative dividends amounted to 42.47 billion yuan, more than 300 cash dividend ratio of more than 30%! . A total of 1,956 companies in the deep market launched a dividend programme, accounting for 90.47% of all profitable companies. Among them, 1,033 GEM companies launched dividend programmes, and the total accumulated dividends for the year amounted to 116.5 billion yuan. A total of 218 companies on the Bejing Stock Exchange launched cash dividend programmes, with total cash dividends amounting to RMB 5.8 billion, of which more than 70% of the companies paid cash dividends of more than 30%.

Cash dividends TOP 20 companies, pharmaceutical stocks occupy three seats. In addition, there are a number of pharmaceutical companies launched a bold cash dividend programme.

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